Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Our Future Planet

We have drawn a line in time.
Our present planet is on one side, and our future planet is on the other.
Our Future Planet enables you to rethink a future that does not follow on blindly from the ways of the past.

Global charity

Our Future Planet (OFP) is an online community and think tank designed to create global change in the real world today. The site allows you to share ideas, design your future and change the face of the planet as we know it. The charity evolved out of a desire to rethink the direction the world is heading in and aims to inspire people to create a better world in which to live.

How to Use the Website

We encourage you to join our community of "planetary citizens". We are people who care about the future of our planet and wish to step over the line and contribute to positive change. By becoming an OFP citizen you can:
Explore the Ideas Globe and daily Hot Topics posts to become informed about key issues and how they are connected
Create a personal profile and start designing your sustainable future
- Share creative thoughts through your profile with our micro-blog

- Develop your own sustainable Actions and follow other’s
Write Proposals for a new sustainable planet and adapt other citizen’s Proposals
Connect with other citizens and organisations from all over the world using our Citizen Search tool
- Find exactly who you want easily
- Search by interest, location, skills and activity
Start real change in your community and Create a Project or join existing Projects in your area
- Citizens can support or volunteer for all projects

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead cultural anthropologist

Join Us

We focus on solutions and a positive vision for the future
We maintain an integrated focus on the whole planet and not just one nation or geographic area
We incorporate all issues, and educate on how they relate to each other
We extend global ideas and projects beyond the online community
We bring people together from all nations and all professions to share today’s knowledge, take action,
and create our future planet

"What Our Future Planet is doing is creating the emergence of a new story of a world that truly can work for everyone. Without such explorations, there is very little chance of our survival into the next century.”
- Dr Jean Houston, philosopher, author and researcher

Our Vision

"Our vision is to harness global co-operation to create a sustainable, beautiful, just and happy future.  You can be part of this creative community designing and changing their future. The more people sign up, the more ideas are shared; the larger and stronger our community grows, and the closer we come to achieving our vision."
Sign up today and start creating a better future!

This world is our only home. As the world population soars to nearly 7 billion, people everywhere have the choice to cooperate and rethink the direction the world is heading in. To a safe world with peace, abundance and prosperity in a sustainable environment with clean water, fresh air, biodiversity and beauty. A true home for people, animals and plants filled with creativity, cooperation, transparency, health, wisdom and happiness.

No other web-based community focuses on integrated systemic change at the grass roots level. There is no platform on which to build innovative visions of a better future or to harness creative ideas that can bring about positive behavioural change. There is no one facility that allows the people, and not just the leaders, to rethink the way we live, and to implement change.
On which side of the line do you want to be standing?

OFP has a passionate team, strong Advisory Board, dedicated Trustees and a powerful website. Has there ever been a time of so much promise, so much of a chance to make a difference?

By understanding global issues and connecting with others with shared interests it is possible to facilitate change at a local and international level.