Sunday, January 16, 2011

National Strategy for the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity Costa Rica


Tables (Participants summary)
Human resources
Public education and awareness
Sectoral and cross-sectoral coordination
Control and monitoring of the impact of social and productive activities
In situ conservation
Ex situ conservation
Sustanaible use
Payment for environmental services and incentives
Acces to genetic resources, intellectual property and biosecurity in biotechnology
Marine and coastal resources
Management capacity

2.1 Strategic Framework.
General objective
2.2 Strategic issues, national policies and priority activities in conservation and sustainable use.
1. Strengthen the mechanisms required for the PREVENTION AND MITIGATION OF THE ADVERSE IMPACT of productive activities on biodiversity, and the integration of different social actors.
2. Strengthen national and regional PLANNING AND LAND USE processes.
3. Establish the necessary CROSS-INSTITUTIONAL and CROSS-SECTORAL COORDINATION for the integrated management of biodiversity as a strategic element of the country’s development.
4. Strengthen RESEARCH activities required for the generation of knowledge on conservation and sustainable use of the country’s biodiversity.
5. Establish the necessary formal and informal mechanisms to provide the public and private sectors with INFORMATION required for conservation and sustainable production based on the elements of biodiversity.
6. Strengthen PUBLIC AWARENESS of biodiversity issues.
7. Consolidate national efforts directed at IN SITU CONSERVATION.
8. Strengthen national capacity to carry out EX SITU CONSERVATION activities with species of particular interest.
9. Establish the necessary mechanisms to facilitate ACCESS TO THE GENETIC RESOURCES OF BIODIVERSITY and the fair and equitable benefit sharing derived from these.
10. Develop national capacity for the prevention of social, economic and environmental risks arising from the management of MODIFIED LIVING ORGANISMS THAT RESULT FROM BIOTECHNOLOGY.
11. Strengthen actions to internalize the costs of ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES AND INCENTIVES for the sustainable use of biodiversity.
12. Define a national strategy for the development and protection of MARINE AND COASTAL RESOURCES.
13. Strengthen NATIONAL CAPACITY FOR THE SUSTAINABLE MANAGEMENT of biodiversity both in the public and private sectors.

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