Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Global Issues Tours

What comes to mind when you think about global issues? Have you ever thought about how a teenager in Vietnam could be linked to the pair of jeans you wear? The world is connected in countless ways. Global issues are connected too. The good news is while issues such as poverty, climate change, conflict, and population growth can be challenging, they all have interconnected solutions that we can develop to make long-lasting change. When we start to think of global solutions to global issues, we will begin to create a truly sustainable world.
Take a look at each tour below. Learn about a specific global issue, take actions ideas, and see related videos, photos, and links.

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  • Human Health and Wellbeing
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Global Issues and Sustainability Resources

Facing the Future's curriculum resources aim to educate students about global issues and engage them in thinking critically about real solutions to these issues.

Global Issues and Sustainability Resources

To complement Facing the Future's curriculum resources, this section contains background information and additional resources to help educators and students to teach and learn about global issues and sustainability.
  • Global Issues Tours
    An overview of various global issues such as biodiversity, climate change, and human rights