Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Less is More


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1. Nourish My Spirit

What things give me the greatest joy?
What makes me feel fulfilled, useful?
When do I feel least joyful, least fulfilled?

2. Put My Money Where My Values Are

Do I spend money on things that don’t bring me joy?
Can I find less expensive ways to travel, exercise, entertain?

3. Build Relationships and Support My Community

What can I share?
What skills, services, products can I offer others?
What opportunities do I have to barter and allow more people to operate outside the cash economy?
Where can I connect with my community to create a safety net for myself and others?

4. Say Enough is Enough

How much do I need to meet basic needs?
How much do I need beyond that to be happy?
Can I meet any of those needs without spending money?

5. Decide How Much Job I Really Need

Can I work fewer hours?
Can I share my job with someone else?
Do I have enough freedom to make the job I’ve always wanted?