Monday, December 17, 2018

Notes from Ms. Hai Yen

By Quach Thanh Thien

Thanks chi Hai Yen for inviting me and your awaking sharing sessons as well as our 2hrs deep talk in the bus. There are some Key Takeaway from today lesson:

The door of students have to be opened otherwise we can not go into them to teach, talk or change anything. To make it happens we have to have growth mindset, emotional approach and role model.

For different students with different learning style, we should figure out what works best for them or at least, try to diversify learning approaches in one lesson from media with the involement of 6 senses, movement, learn on context (storytelling, play a play,...) or ask to repeat...

Instead of focus too much on the weaknesses to change them, why dont we concentrate more on the strengths to develop it. Then somehow, the weaknesses will fade out and disappear.

Human behaviour is driven by emotions, so it is extremely important to understand and manage emotions.

Intrinsic motivation vs external motivation. Growth mindset vs Deficit mindset.

"We judge when we dont understand" You can not hate anyone after you know their whole story.

Our childhood and childhood trauma play crucial role on shaping who we are. Understand them help us understand our people more.