Friday, August 13, 2010

Videos on Key ESD themes



Find here description and a link to the video that may be of interest to you.
If you happen to know of a licensed video that may be relevant to this list please inform us at info@medies(dot)net so that we can add it here.

EEA's Animations - Green Tips
Green tips are short 30-second animations promoting environmentally-friendly actions. There are green tips on the topic of sustainable lifestyle choices available while animations on Climate change and biodiversity themes will be released later this year. The Green Tips are featured on the European Environment Agency’s website, as well as on YouTube and EUTube.
In the Multimedia Centre of EAA you can find also a series of short videos on the theme of Europe's Environment.
Language: English
To obtain copies for use on your own website contact:

The meatrix
This 5min-animation clip is a well-pointed metaphor of the Matrix movie - a very popular movie to youth- having animals as protagonists. It raises the issue of current unsustainable practices in food production, and livestock breeding, in a very straightforward and appealing way.
The clip was awarded in a series of Festivals and it is accompanied by 3 more clips: The Meatrix II about the dairy industry; The Meatrix II1/2 about food processing and a trailer.
Language: English & 7 more languages with Subtitles in 33 languages!
In the meatrix website you will find a wealth of interactive e-games, educational materials as well as shopping tips to help make our dining table become more sustainable.

Turtles in Trouble
An 8 min long animated training film for tourists visiting the Mediterranean coasts, produced by the Marine Conservation Society (MCS UK) with MEDASSET's cooperation. The DVD raises awareness of tour agencies tourists about sea turtle-friendly actions they can take to mitigate tourism impacts on turtles and nesting beaches in the Mediterranean. Of course the condensed, cartoon-like film may be rather useful to ESD Educators as well.
Language: English
The animation can be viewed and downloaded by clicking at the image at this website

control climate change The story of Stuff
We invite you to visit this popular website and download the 20 minute long video “What is the Story of Stuff” (~50MB).
It is quite USA-centered, however it is nicely designed, fast-paced, fact-filled, highlighting the underside of production and consumption patterns of western societies in general. Therefore it can be a very useful learning tool for those ESD educators working with such issues.
Language: English and 10 more languages available
You can download all material and the brochure for students from the campaign website.

Animals Save the Planet Humorus animation series of clips 30 seconds long, with environmental messages, having animals as protagonists. Useful for very young children as well as there is no text, except for the "message" of each video that appears in the end.
Language: English
To watch the animation visit their website

Video on Paper Consumption
Interesting ~11 min video produced by the World Rainforest Movement, that may be of use to you and your students. The video, apart from giving the facts, the trends and the costs with respect to the environment & societies, of paper production & consumption worldwide, considers it, actually, as a political issue and urges us to do a little bit more than reducing paper consumption at individual level...
Language: English & more languages available

To find a more detailed description of the publication and download sample activities visit their website

Advertisement on Global Warming
Just 1 min long video advertisement on global warming. Short and condense like all advertisements it carries out a clear and powerful message. No translation needed as the "image" is very strong.
Language: English (short text at the end)

Find it posted on U TUBE

A Class Divided
This 46 min long documentary movie is about an Iowa schoolteacher who, the day after Martin Luther King was murdered in 1968, gave her third-grade students a first-hand experience in the meaning of discrimination. This is the story of what she taught the children, and the impact that lesson had on their lives.
Language: English

Watch the video online and read teachers' notes on how to approach discrimination and racism issues here.