Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Building sustainable rural futures

The added value of systems approaches in times of change and uncertainty

The Proceedings of the 9th European IFSA Symposium (held in Vienna, Austria) were edited by Ika Darnhofer and Michaela Grötzer and published in 2010 by the Universität für Bodenkultur, Vienna (ISBN 978-3-200-01908-9). The proceedings comprise a total of 235 full papers that were presented in one of the 26 workshops which were grouped around 5 themes. The papers have undergone a review process before being included in the proceedings.
Coverpage of the Proceedings

You can download the full papers by clicking on the workshops below, or browsing through the themes via the menu on the left.

Some pictures of the IFSA 2010
Publication plans from various convenors of the workshops at the IFSA 2010:
Artur Cristovao and Alex Koutsouris plan to be guest editors of a Special Issue of the Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension based on the papers presented in WS 1.1 - Innovation and change facilitation for rural development.
Ana Marta-Costa and Emiliana da Silva are planning book based on the papers presented in WS 2.1 - Methods and procedures for building sustainable farming systems.
Nadarajah Sriskandarah and Tarla Rai Peterson plan to publish several papers as a 'praxis' section in the journal Environmental Communication based on the papers presented in WS 3.4 - Promoting the discovery of alternative climate futures by reframing climate change communication.
Markus Schermer, Cesar Revoredo-Giha and Andreja Borec plan to be guest ediors of a Special Issue of the journal Anthropology of Food based on the papers presented in WS 4.1 - Mountain food products - A special system of provision. 

Some pictures of the IFSA 2010