Saturday, May 7, 2011

Steps to Become a Digital City

1) Website (that actually helps citizens find what need right away, is in plain english, and gets traffic)
2) Email updates to citizens on a bunch of topics (road closures to school hours)
3) Facebook page for the city
4) Twitter profile for the city
5) Live-stream meetings online
6) Great infrastructure - fast Internet, good wireless
7) 311 capability
8) Mobile reporting app (like SeeClickFix or CitySourced)
9) Open data site
10) Transparency - all contract data and performance metrics are up on city website
11) Have an active blog
12) Have an ideation site to get input from citizens
13) Website is optimized for search
14) Can pay all bills/transactions online
15) Have a YouTube channel that has been updated in the last month
16) Paperless statements instead of print (don't send my the paper tax statement)
17) Social media policy for employees and city agencies
18) Elected officials have regular online engagement with citizens (live chats, FB town halls, etc)
19) Transit data that is easily usable (for example w/ Google Transit)
20) Special recruitment program to hire best/brightest out of college/grad school
21) Live chat customer service on city website

Updated from Comments:
22) Website is in multiple languages
23) Plan to shrink digital divide
24) Video archiving w/ meta-data
25) Calendar/event data available publicly
26)  Integrate with traditional means of reaching driving the other in a virtuous cycle

Bonus points (+1 each) if:
1) You are a Code for America city
2)  You have at least 3% of your population signed up to email alerts (1 M citizens in Cincinnati, 50,000 subscribers)
3) You have at least 1% of your population following you on Facebook or Twitter
4) Your CMS is open source - Drupal or Wordpress 
5) You can pay bills/transactions via SMS or an app
6) Your employees are on GovLoop
7) Your councilmen have iPads
8) Use QR codes on city materials (from tourism to buildings)
9) Participate in Open 311
10) You've help or are holding an apps contest