Thursday, September 15, 2022

Localization - Action Guide


Join the global movement to build resilient local economies and flourishing local communities. Take action with the tools and resources in this guide.

137 Actions to resist and renew.

Solving our current crises requires actions that resist the drivers of social and ecological destruction, and those that renew local cultures, communities and economies. Let’s take action at a personal and community level and build a movement powerful enough to turn the tide.


In the pursuit of never-ending growth and profits, the corporate-led global economy is putting all life on earth at risk. When we take action to localize our economies and strengthen our communities, we are helping to bring about a systemic shift in direction – towards cultural and biological diversity, social justice, genuine democracy, and our own health and happiness.
It’s time to bring our economies back home, to return to a human scale, to localize.


“From farmers markets and consumer-producer co-operatives to local business alliances and community finance schemes, people are reweaving the fabric of local interdependence from the ground up. Out of common sense and heartfelt intuition, they are finding innovative ways to step out of the consumer rat race to live local lives at a human pace and scale.”

Helena Norberg-Hodge, Founder - Local Futures

Localization Action Guide