Saturday, September 24, 2011

Make Ripples

Amanda Bancroft

As a youth member and supporter of all the great work EC youth task force is doing, and in honor of Moving Planet Day today, our blog, Ripples, has just launched for sustainable community development! Everyone welcome to share resources on our blog. I'm happy to begin featuring your efforts and spreading awareness here:

Ripples connects people and resources while sharing our story of going off-grid in Arkansas.
In celebration of the Iroquois principle of making decisions with the seventh generation in mind,  Ripples is a sanctuary for those world changers and meaning makers who seek inspiration, community, and support; here is the place where we hope our ripples can overlap.
We provide:
Our every effort aims to support as many people and organizations as possible.  A portion of all profits from cookie sales and tech consultation goes to support worthy organizations.
We welcome you into our community!  
Now learn a bit more about the authors:

About Amanda

The Bridge

Amanda wearing ripples.
I am a combination of Pocahontas and Belle; frolicking in nature and books is my cup of tea – which is another thing I can’t get enough of: Chai.  I enjoy hiking, snuggling with my cats, and having picnics with Ryu!
For me, Ripples began when I realized that so much of what I valued was about to be lost.  My AmeriCorps*VISTAservice was ending, and like all VISTAs, I was expected to move on to a new career.  However, doing so would mean that the resources discovered during my service would remain available only to a small number of people. It would also mean losing touch with the local, national, and international networks I had been privileged to participate in, and that these remarkable people would not have easy access to any resources I may discover in the future.  The insights and support these networks provided were so valuable that I felt they deserved a sanctuary online where anyone could be inspired, while sharing what they had to offer.
At the same time, I recognized huge gaps in what I knew, who I knew, who knew each other, and what they knew.  Certain resources were only available in specific parts of my network, and at least half the people in my network didn’t know each other…until Ripples was born!
I want to build bridges between disconnected people, places, organizations, disciplines and resources because I know that these connections are vital to creating a better world.

About Ryan

The Stream

A Stream in the RockiesI am the clear, deep, swift water sluicing over rocks under whose lucent flow soft algae forms.  I pass beneath our bridges’ shadows and watch tadpoles mature in grassy thickets.
I love imagination.  It is freedom and life.  However, I strive for balance and happiness.  A constant question lives within me.  Do I write as clearly as possible, lovingly crafting every element of logic?  Technical manuals, how-to guides, succinct language that sidelines lyricism… do these more than poetry free and inspire?
Or do I select melody over brevity?
To the best of our ability, Manda and I will use this blog to demonstrate the inherent interdependence of all things.  I hope clarity and lyricism, logic and passion, can likewise co-exist.
Techie, word bender, meaning (re)maker, connector of all things – I embrace these qualities and infinitely more.  Since the age of five, I have found the concept of “difference” fascinating, but illusory.  To a friend, I remember saying “I can compare anything to anything else.”  Before I knew of quantum physics, this claim just felt right.
I hope to do everything I can to be the stream beneath Manda’s bridge – to live at the flowing edge of union between traditionally compartmentalized ideas and objects.  Together, we will do our utmost not to dismantle or destroy walls and rifts; this is an unnecessary, often self-defacing act of destruction.  We hope to demonstrate that they have never truly existed.