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Fighting Corruption Toolkit

Corruption Fighters’ Tool Kit Special Edition 2004
Teaching Integrity to Youth: Examples from 11 countries

Click on the links below to download individual chapters of the Tool Kit.
1. Introduction
2. Macau SAR
Mr Pig and Superman William: Ethics Education for Primary Pupils
3. Brazil
Where Your Taxes Go: Fiscal Education for Citizenship
4. Colombia
Working with Universities: The Cátedra Programme
5. Italy
Taking Anti-Corruption Heroes into Schools
6. Zambia
Educating Future Leaders: Good Governance in Schools
7. USA
Ethics at School: A Model Programme
8. Georgia
Youth Against Corruption: A National Essay Contest
9. Cambodia
Integrating Anti-Corruption into School Curricula
10. Uganda
The Power of Information: Training Young Journalists
11. Argentina
Aulas Sin Fronteras: A National Contest
12. Moldova
An Anti-Corruption Day in a Youth Camp

Corruption Fighters’ Tool Kit
Civil society experiences and emerging strategies
2002 - 2003

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* Table of Contents
* Copyright Notice
* Acknowledgements 2003
* Editor’s Note
* An Introduction to the Corruption Fighters’ Tool Kit
By Peter Eigen Chairman, Transparency International
1. Awareness Raising
  • People's Theatre: An Advocacy Tool, Bangladesh
  • Anti-Corruption Radio Spots, Brazil
  • Source Book Adaptation, Brazil
  • Course on Preventing Corruption, Kazakhstan
  • 'Clean Korea 21' Fair, South Korea
  • National Anti-Corruption Observatory, Morocco
  • Television Public Service Announcements, Nepal
  • Anti-Corruption Television Sketches, Niger
  • Public Awareness Campaign, Slovakia
  • Anti-Corruption and Transparency Radio Broadcasts, Thailand
  • Transparency Youth Camp, Thailand
  • National Anti-Corruption Week, Uganda
2. Procurement
  • Making Public Procurement More Transparent, Ecuador
  • Workshop on Public Procurement, Paraguay
  • Building Transparency in Budgeting and Public Procurement at the Local Level, Serbia
3. Election Campaigns
  • Clean Vote, Brazil
  • Monitoring Media Election Coverage, Chile
  • Transparent Elections: Monitoring Election Campaign Expenses, Costa Rica
  • Accountability Benchmarks for Political Parties, Germany
  • Appeal for Fair and Free Elections, Nepal
  • Political Party Funding Campaign, South Africa
  • Fighting Corruption and Raising Awareness in the 2001 Tripartite Elections, Zambia

4. Access to Information
  • Construction Permit Manual, Lebanon
  • Transparency Law, Panama
  • Office for Access to Public Information, Peru
  • Citizens’ Legal Help Programme, Poland
  • Campaign to Promote Access to Information, Romania and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
  • Whistleblower Protection, South Africa

5. Public Institutions [1,06 Mb]
  • 1. Monitoring the Senate, Argentina
  • 2. Promoting Transparency in Customs Administration, Armenia
  • 3. Parliament Watch, Bangladesh
  • 4. Monitoring Municipal Governments, Bolivia
  • 5. Courts without Corruption, Kazakhstan
  • 6. Citizens’ Manual for Monitoring Social Programmes, Mexico
  • 7. Improving Transparency via the Sunshine Law, Romania
  • 8. Follow-up to the Inter-American Convention Against Corruption, TI Americas
6. Business Ethics (72 kb]
  • Comprehensive Ethics Programme for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Colombia
7. Diagnostics [1,24 Mb]
  • Fact-Finding Survey on Good Governance in Public Institutions, Bangladesh
  • Promoting Integrity in Political Party Financing, Bulgaria
  • Integrity Observatory, Colombia
  • Measuring Transparency in Municipal and Central Governments, Japan
  • Urban Bribery Index, Kenya
  • Mapping Corruption, Lithuania
  • Survey on Corruption Perceptions, Madagascar
  • National Survey on Corruption and Good Governance, Mexico
  • Municipal Government Evaluation Instrument, Nicaragua
Corruption Fighters' Tool Kit 2001
Civil society experiences and emerging strategies

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Awareness Raising - Education
  1. A Citizen's Charter, Mauritius
  2. National Anti-Corruption Day, Morocco
  3. Teaching Values, Paraguay
  4. Comics Workshop, Morocco

Corruption Control in Procurement
  1. Integrity Pacts, Colombia
  2. Integrity Pact at Municipal Level, Nepal
  3. Monitoring the Privatisation of the Telecommunications Company, Bulgaria
  4. The Monitoring of Procurement Process for Waste Collection Services, Argentina
  5. Prices and Purchases in Public Institutions, Colombia
  6. Public Hearings, Panama

  1. Selection of Judges for the Supreme Court of Justice, Dominican Republic

Knowledge Management
  1. News Scan Database, Bangladesh
Monitoring of Public Institutions
  1. Analysis of Draft Legislation, Bulgaria
  2. Citizen Ombudsmen, Japan
  3. Committees of Concerned Citizens, Bangladesh
  4. Harambee: A Study of a Kenyan institution, Kenya
  5. Integrity Pact at Municipal Level, Nepal
  6. Rating the Attitude of Russian Political Parties towards Corruption, Russia
  7. Report Cards as an Aid to Public Accountability, India
  8. Report Card Survey, Bangladesh
  9. Survey of Access to Information, Latvia

National Integrity Systems
  1. National Integrity Systems Assessment, Australia
  2. National Integrity Workshop, Tanzania

Surveys on Corruption
  1. Surveys, Brazil
Transparency in Election Processes
  1. Monitoring of General Elections, Zimbabwe
  2. Programme for the Transparent Financing of Election Campaigns, Argentina
  3. Visible Candidates, Ecuador
Tools to Support Transparency in Local Governance
Urban Governance Toolkit Series

March 2004
TI Features: As the product of a partnership between Transparency International (TI) and UN-HABITAT (the United Nations Human Settlements Programme), Tools to Promote Transparency in Local Governance has been developed under the umbrella of the Global Campaign on Urban Governance. It builds on the first toolkit developed by the Campaign to promote good urban governance, Tools to Promote Participatory Urban Decision-Making (PUDM).

To download the PDF click below: