Sunday, March 28, 2010

Urban Agriculture Magazine

About this magazine...

The Urban Agriculture Magazine is an initiative under the RUAF Programme. It functions as a platform for exchange and discussion of grounded information on urban agriculture: research results, project experiences, and critical analyses of conventional and innovative policies on urban agriculture. The Urban Agriculture Magazine is published on this website twice a year. Articles are presented in PDF (including illustrations and graphics). The Magazine is available in several languages.

How to contribute...

We invite you to contribute to the Urban Agriculture Magazine with an article, a description of best (or bad) practices, photos and information on interesting publications, web sites, and forthcoming events. An article contribution should give a clear description of the urban aspects and policy implications of your experiences and include recommendations for local policy makers and planners.

Articles should be written in such a way that those working with farmers could readily understand them. We would like to receive articles of up to 2,000 words long (3 pages A4), 1,200 words (2 pages) or 600 words (1 page). Articles should preferably be accompanied by illustrations, good quality photos (preferably more than 300 dpi or more than 1 Mb in jpg format) and references. We appreciate the availability of a good abstract. Articles are examined for selection by the editorial team consisting of the RUAF editor and the external scientific advisor/co-editor. Click here for more information on the following magazine. Contributions can be sent to: