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CITIES FEEDING PEOPLE An Examination of Urban Agriculture in East Africa

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An Examination of Urban Agriculture in East Africa

Auxumite G. Egziabher, Diana Lee-Smith, Daniel G. Maxwell, Pyar Ali Memon, Luc J.A. Mougeot, and Camillus J. Sawio

IDRC 1994
ISBN Out of print
e-ISBN 1-55250-109-4
160 pp.

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For the urban poor of the South, food is becoming a prohibitively expensive commodity. By the late 1980s, cities of the developing world had to import half their food supply. Urban agriculture, it is argued, can reduce this dependency. But most Southern governments do not support it.
Cities Feeding People examines urban agriculture in East Africa and proves that it is a safe, clean, and secure method to feed the world's struggling urban residents. It also collapses the myth that urban agriculture is practiced only by the poor and unemployed.
Cities Feeding People provides the hard facts needed to convince governments that urban agriculture should have a larger role in feeding the urban population.
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Foreword Irene Tinker 1994
Urban Agriculture is Already Feeding Cities

Chapter 1. Introduction Luc J.A. Mougeot 1994
African City Farming from a World Perspective

Chapter 2. Tanzania Camillus J. Sawio 1994
Who Are the Farmers of Dar es Salaam?

Chapter 3. Uganda Daniel G. Maxwell 1994
The Household Logic of Urban Farming in Kampala

Chapter 4. Kenya Diana Lee-Smith and Pyar Ali Memon 1994
Urban Agriculture in Kenya

Chapter 5. Ethiopia Axumite G. Egziabher 1994
Urban Farming, Cooperatives, and the Urban Poor in Addis Ababa

Chapter 6. Conclusion Luc J.A. Mougeot 1994
Leading Urban Agriculture into the 21st Century: Renewed Institutional Interest

Bibliography 1994