Wednesday, March 24, 2010

BGreen 2020 A Sustainability Plan for Bridgeport, Connecticut

BGreen 2020
BGreen Plan (PDF 6.8MB)
Appendices (PDF 1MB)
Individual Appendices
  1. Executive Order
  2. BGreen 2020 Community Advisory Committee membership
  3. BGreen 2020 Technical Subcommittees membership
  4. Complete List of Outcomes--Goals and Objectives--of the five technical subcommittees
  5. Matrices of BGreen 2020 Strategies and Implementation Steps
  6. TBL- Triple Bottom Line Analysis of BGreen 2020 Strategies
  7. Summary of Bridgeport’s Early Climate Protection Efforts

BGreen 2020

A Sustainability Plan for Bridgeport, Connecticut

BGreen 2020 is the result of a public-private partnership between the City of Bridgeport and the Bridgeport Regional Business Council, a consortium of local business groups. By building on Bridgeport’s existing strengths, BGreen will modernize the city’s infrastructure, create wealth, intensify urban amenities, enhance environmental quality, enable revitalization without gentrification, and retain Bridgeport’s historic character. Early priorities are the creation of an Energy Improvement District to support energy efficiency and production, adopting a “Transit First” policy, developing a plan for open space use and maintenance, expanding recycling, and protecting the region’s waterways through enhanced stormwater management. A Green Collar Institute will train workers and act as an incubator for developing green industries.

Funding for the BGreen initiative came from Fairfield County Community Foundation, Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation, United Illuminating Co., PSE&G, the City of Bridgeport, and Bridgeport Regional Business Council. Regional Plan Association looks forward to working with the Bridgeport community as it implements the plan and leads the way towards social, economic, and environmental prosperity.