Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Conscious Community Movie

An Overview of the Conscious Community movement, begun in Reno, Nevada, USA and now spreading to other communities.

Contact (775) 851-2993 to find out how to start your own Conscious Community in your town through a simple Weaver Group process.

Check out this page to see what happens in a Weaver Group.

Conscious Community is a movement---whose goal is spiritual, as well as cultural transformation, embodied first in the way we live and radiating outwardly into our families, social and work life, and focused in each local geographic region.

Weaver Groups are a grassroots strategy within this movement where we get back to the basics of our humanity by breaking down barriers that divide us, and connect heart to heart with one another and with the positive aspects of our community. Check out this page to start reading the first three sections of the Weaver training guide.