Sunday, March 28, 2010

An Introduction to the Human Development and Capability Approach


Freedom and Agency
Edited by Séverine Deneulin
with Lila Shahani


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List of Contributors
List of Acronyms and Abbreviations

Part I Concepts
1     A Normative Framework for Development
        Sabina Alkire and Séverine Deneulin
Normative, positive and predictive
Case studies
Normative frameworks matter
People first
2     The Human Development and Capability Approach
        Sabina Alkire and Séverine Deneulin
Human development
Going deeper: The capability approach
3     Ideas Related to Human Development
        Séverine Deneulin
Human development and market liberalism: Freedom compared
How the idea of freedom is spread
The basic needs approach
Human rights
Human security
Other related ideas

Part II Topics
4      Economic Growth
       Randy Spence
Growth in the history of economic thought
Contemporary approaches to economic growth
Economic growth as a means to human flourishing
5     Equality and Justice
        Ingrid Robeyns
A brief description of the literature on theories of justice
Rawls’ theory of justice in a nutshell
Rawlsian justice versus the capability approach
What do we need for a capability theory of justice?
Gender justice and justice for marginalized groups
From theories of justice to just practices and policies
6     Poverty and Inequality Measurement
        Sabina Alkire and Maria Emma Santos
The importance and limitations of measurement
Income-based measures of inequality
Income poverty measurement: Two steps
Measuring development and well-being: The Human Development Index (HDI)
Multidimensional poverty measurement
7     Institutions, Markets and Economic Development
        Susan Johnson
Institutions in economic development
Institutions and markets in the human development approach
8     Democracy and Political Participation
        Séverine Deneulin
A mechanism for exercising agency in public sphere
The value of democracy
From democratic theory to practice
Public reasoning
Political participation at the global level
9     Education
        Elaine Unterhalter
Human capital
Human capital and the capability approaches compared
Applying the capability approach to education
10     Health
        Proochista Ariana and Arif Naveed
What is health?
Conventional approaches to health
Health within the human development and capability approach
Health at the heart of inter-locking deprivations
11     Culture and Religion
        Sarah White and Séverine Deneulin
        Part I Culture
        Development perspectives
        Anthropological perspectives
        Human development perspectives
        Part II Religion
        The Protestant ethic approach
        Religion as moral base
        Religion as human right
        Religion as dimension of well-being
        Faith-based organizations
        The possibility of reasoning

Part III Policy
12     Human Development Policy Analysis
        Randy Spence and Séverine Deneulin
Main areas of public policy
Policy in the private, non-profit and international sectors
Politics and power
Tools for policy analysis
A human development perspective
13     Policy Case Studies
        edited by Séverine Deneulin and Lila Shahani
A personal narrative of a woman’s life in Ghana
Gender policy in Turkey
Fiscal policy in Syria
Security policy in Haiti
Technical assistance policy in Afghanistan
Post-conflict policy in Liberia
Appendix 1 Teaching the human development and capability approach: Some pedagogical implications
       Melanie Walker
Appendix 2 Didactic Pictures