Sunday, March 28, 2010

Megacity Lectures

9 Infrastructure: The Glue Of Megacities
Kingsley E. Haynes

december 2006
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8 Toxic Ecology, The Struggle between Nature and Culture in the Suburban
Lars Lerup
november 2005
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7 Megacities and the Welfare State
Richard Sennett
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6 Urbanising Singapore, Optimising Resources
Liu Tai Ker
november 2002
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5 The fragmented city and the role of the architect
Lord Richard Rogers
November 2001
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4 Possible Urban Worlds
David Harvey
November 2000
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3 Identity in the City
Deyan Sudjic,
November 1999
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2 Urban economy and fading Distance
Saskia Sassen,
November 1998
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1 Megacities, world cities and global cities
Peter Hall,
February 1997
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0 A Sustainable Chaos
M. Sanglier (assistant of Nobel price winner Y. Prigogine), S. Buys, H. Kimmerle,
J.H.P.P Paelinck, K. Kikutake, A. Dufetel, M. Leger, G. Stoilov, G. Stanishev, J. Dahinden, J. Hoogstad

May 1995
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