Monday, November 3, 2008

World's online climate conference "Climate 2008" from 3-7 November 2008

Climate 2008 in a nutshell

The world's climate neutral Scientific Climate Conference

3-7 November 2008 online

Welcome to the conference

The online climate conference has opened its virtual doors. Check out more than 80 scientific peer-reviewed papers on different aspects of climate change, discover the many interactive features of "Climate 2008" and register to receive regular conference news.

"What to expect"
Let the conference introduce you to the latest findings on scientific research on climate change, including elements related to its environmental, social, economic and policy aspects. Enter this platform on 3-7 November 2008 and read about new projects and innovative initiatives being undertaken in both industrialised and developing countries by universities and scientific institutions, government bodies, NGOs and other stakeholders.

"Climate 2008 / Klima 2008" will encourage more networking and information exchange among participants and hopefully catalyse new cooperation initiatives and possibly new joint projects. Besides the refereed scientific papers, we will offer you a chance to discuss the problems, barriers, challenges and chances and potentials related to climate and sustainability research. Special discussion fora and chat rooms will cater for direct interaction with the participant scientists.
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