Monday, November 17, 2008

Eco-Industrial Park Handbook for Asian Developing Countries

Ernest Lowe produced this new and revised edition of the Eco-Industrial Park Handbook under a contract with the Asian Development Bank. It is available as MS Word 97 files.

This page is set up for both Internet Explorer and Netscape. With Netscape you can download the files directly. With Explorer the file first displays in the browser and then you can save it.

Cover and Table of Contents 29 kb

Preface and acknowledgements 36 kb

Executive Summary 74 kb

Chapter 1 Introduction 96 kb

Chapter 2 Foundations for EIP Development 87 kb

Chapter 3 EIPs and Communities 64 kb

Chapter 4 Planning and Development 268 kb

Chapter 5 Financing Eco-Industrial Parks 102 kb

Chapter 6 The Emerging Sustainable Economy and Themes for EIP Recruitment 351 kb

Chapter 7 Eco-Industrial Policy 95 kb

Chapter 8 Design Strategies for Eco-Industrial Parks 187 kb

Chapter 9 Construction and Implementation 67 kb

Chapter 10 Management 261 kb

Chapter 11 Greening Existing Industrial Parks 81 kb

Chapter 12 Creating BPXs 122 kb

Appendix 1 Cases 261 kb

Appendix 2 Supplementary information 192 kb

Eco-Industrial Developments in Japan 95 kb

Eco-Industrial Photo Gallery 1,499 kb (will take some time)