Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Roots of Peace

There's a new story to tell: our ancestors lived peaceably, war was rare, security came not from weapons but from cooperation, research shows we are not innately warlike or violent. This is the story of the roots of peace with author Riane Eisler, anthropologist Brian Ferguson and political economist Lloyd Jeffrey Dumas.

Jeffrey Dumas, Riane Eisler, Brian Ferguson, William Ury

Credits: Music in this program: open- “Woulaba” by Habib Koite, Putumayo World Music; welcome- “A United Earth I” by Alan Stivell with Yousou N’Dour, Putumayo World Music; insert 1- “Trieste” by Branford Marsalis, Columbia Records; interlude 1- “Alalas da Ulla” by Milladoiro, Green Linnet Records; interlude 2- “Doctone” by Branford Marsalis, Columbia Records; bottom of hour billboard- “Processional” by Will Ackerman, Windham Hill Records; insert 2- “The Bricklayer’s Beautiful Daughter” by Will Ackerman, Windham Hill Records; close- “The Opening of Doors” by Will Ackerman, Windham Hill Records.
Funding: The Arsenault Family Foundation

Duration: 55:00 minutes

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Creating a World that Works for All of Us

Sharif Abdullah, founder of the Commonway Institute in Portland, Oregon, addresses the challenge of recognizing and reconciling with "the Other" in ourselves. Author of the book, "Creating A World That Works For All of Us," Sharif promotes "inclusivity" as a strategy of mutual understanding.

Sharif Abdullah


Duration: 29:30 minutes