Friday, November 7, 2008

How to Avoid The Great Depression?

The Metamorphosis Towards Non-Duality in The World Beyond The Great Unwind

DK Matai - November 06, 2008


"...In the West we have been struggling for many years with the fundamentals of right and wrong, good and evil, natural and human-made problems and solutions. But in the light of non-duality, these concepts seem to have become slippery guides to human decision making. Ideologies of capitalism and state socialism, of free markets and centrally planned social order have been made obsolete by pragmatic innovations on the part of governments, business enterprises, and individuals alike. There is no clear definition of hero and of villain. The roles of hero and villain seem to change continuously, depending on the part being played at any given moment. We find ourselves in need of both the right and the left and unable to choose sides. If we take sides, we are trying to eliminate half of reality, which is impossible. For many years, the capitalists have been trying to describe the communists as the evil side. Some capitalists even have the illusion they can survive alone, without any need for the other half. If we look at the latest version of capitalism, in 2008, we can see shades of communism in the grand-scale intervention of governments to prop up banks and to nationalise many of them. And if we look deeply at communism, for example, in China, we see spreading capitalism. If we look deeply at the rose branch, we see the thorns; if we look deeply at the thorns, we see the rose branch. In this international non-dual matrix, each side pretends to be the rose, and calls the other side the thorn. If we take their statements at face value, we are unable to recognise the inherent dynamic equilibrium in which we live, without static duality concepts as our guide.

Survival means the survival of human kind as a whole, not just a part of it. If the South cannot survive, then the North is going to crumble. If the West cannot survive, then the East is going to crumble. Decoupled economies are a myth in the 21st century. No nation can go it alone. China and India cannot have continuous unencumbered GDP growth whilst the West falters. If countries of the Third World -- the Emerging Economies -- cannot pay their debts, we are going to suffer in the North. If we do not take care of the Third World, our well-being is not going to last, and we will not be able to continue living in the way we have been much longer.


In Zen thinking, "We study the self to forget the self. And when we forget the self, we become one with the thousand manifestations." In many ways we still strive to live in a duality economy, manifest as a war economy, based essentially on two poles: us and them.


We are all one and fundamentally connected with each other in an inseparable way, the sooner we see the rainbow coloured humanity as one, the East and West as one, the North and South as one, the faster we will come to terms with this turmoil. There is hope if we can think in this new way!"

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