Thursday, November 27, 2008

Global Democracy & Sustainability Literacy Learning: Why they must go hand-in-hand

by Eric Schneider

(This paper was first published at the 1st Virtual Congress on World Citizenship and Global Democratic Governance, July 1-31 2006

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This is an updated version with additional illustrations, links and resources

"Positive Changemaking is Democracy: co-creating change for the Greater, Common Good."

The author understands democracy not as a goal but as a means of achieving a global, peaceful, just and sustainable civilisation.

The first part of this paper looks at democracy not merely on the level of a particular form of decision-making structures but on the level of "democracy-literate citizens"; citizens that do not understand only the ABC of democracy - legislative bodies, parliaments and voting methods, but more importantly: dialogue and decision-making formats and their contextual adaptation and application on any level of communal interrelation - for co-creative decision-finding and: consequent action. See also "Dialogues and Conversations" Heiner Benking, 2006, Of course, this requires sound awareness of priority issues appropriate of our times: the Greater Common Good.

The second part of the paper looks at what kind of education / learning / experience environments applicable in schools, youth environments and public nurture the creative, active democratic competence and mindset of a Fair Global Citizen.

The third part describes and links to outstanding learning programs / instruments for easy application in schools and public spaces.

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