Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Livable Communities Publications and Resources :: H-GAC

Community Planning
Transportation Coordination Publication (PDF) 1.9M
Goals for Tomorrow (PDF) 1.47M
Economic Development and Infrastructure Financing Tools for Counties (PDF) 68K
Roadway Density Image (PDF) 228K

Context Sensitive Solutions Workshop Presentations
Ray Chong (PPT) 2.6M
Jim Daisa (PPT) 20.3M
Clark Martinson (PPT) 28.7M
Scott Polikov (PPT) 13.3M
Jacob Riger (PPT) 9.1M
Gary Schatz (PPT) 18.1M

Land Use and Transportation Coordination
Livable Centers: More Choices, Great Places- a Best Practices in Land Use
Sustainable Mobility Presentation (PPT) 9.2M
3C's: A Sensible Approach to Land Use and Mobility (PDF) 1.3M
3C's Vehicle Trip Reductions (from vpti.org/landuse.pdf) (PDF) 456K
Centers and Benefits Presentation (PPT) 1.8M
How to Use the Benefits Calculator (PDF) 16K
Livable Centers Benefits Calculator (XLS)116K
Livable Centers Metrics (PDF) 30K

Pedestrian and Bicycle Transportation
H-GAC 2035 Regional Bikeway Plan, September 2007 (PDF) 19.3M
Bikeway Interactive Map

Pedestrian and Bicycle Special District Studies

Phase 1 Documentation , October 2004 (PDF) 22M
Appendices (PDF) 1.9M
Map 1 (PDF) 15.7M
Map 2 (PDF) 86M
Map 3 (PDF) 82.6M
Map 4 (PDF) 83.4M
Map 5 (PDF) 83.1M
Map 6 (PDF) 15.6 M

Phase 2: Third Ward Pilot Project October 2004 (PDF) 2.2M

Montrose Study November 2005 (PDF) 6M
Montrose Maps with Recommendations (PDF) 514K
Montrose Maps with Short-term Recommendations (PDF) 351K

Gulfton Study December 2005 (PDF) 35.4M
Galveston Island Study September 2006 (PDF) 3.4M
Sugar Land Town Center Study September 2007 (PDF) 7.9M

NEW! Small Cities Planning Workshop Presentations November 7, 2008


  1. Why Should we Plan?
    – Gary Mitchell, Principal, Kendig Keast Collaborative (PPT) 43M

  2. Are you sure this is Legal? Legal Aspects of Small City Planning
    – John Hightower, Partner, Olson & Olson LLP (PPT) 2M

  3. How will we Implement this? Solutions for Getting it Done
    – Sue Darcy, Executive Vice President, Marsh Darcy Partners, Inc. (PPT) 11M

  4. What can Planning do for my City?
    – Aron Kulhavy, City Planner, City of Huntsville (PPT) 4.3M

Urban Forestry Summit PowerPoint Presentations
Tree Inventories – Charles Burditt (PPT) 24M
Survivors! – Chuck Wemple and Chris LaChance (PPT) 6.9M
Art and Urban Trees – Chuck Wemple and Mary Burlingame (PPT) 11M
Houston Green UFORE (Urban Forest Effects) – Mickey Merritt (PPT) 44M
Preserving Community Trees – Jack Hill, Burditt (PPT) 29M
Trees into Gateway Communities – Diana Wilson, Burditt (PPT) 6.8M