Thursday, November 20, 2008

Climate Protection Manuals

Climate Protection Manual Cities
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Cities looking for resources to initiate a climate action plan are faced with surveying hundreds of different organizations and their web sites or scouring other cities resources to find what they are doing, frequently hidden within city budgets under indirect line items. This Climate Protection Manual for Cities is collaborative, collecting the disparate case studies, best practices, cost/benefit analyses, legislation, technical descriptions and contacts to facilitate Climate action planning and implementation. Target areas include energy efficiency auditing and retrofits, high performance municipal building codes, transportation, investment in green energy, to name a few. This collection of resources will serve as a comprehensive how-to manual for cities who commit to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and will be available both in print form and online. The manual will be free to use, open to the public enabling climate protection advocates and implementers to access data, articles and each other.