Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Promising Practices in Adaptation & Resilience: A Resource Guide for Local Leaders

Sarah McKearnan, Steve Nicholas, Joyce Peters, George Sarrinikolaou, Elaine Wang, Betty Weiss, Tom Wilson, and Josh Foster

This Resource Guide represents a synthesis of the best available information we were able to find about the ways in which experts and practitioners across the country are working to meet the challenges outlined above. The Resource Guide is intended to help practitioners in cities and metropolitan regions resolve local issues, by showcasing promising practices in climate adaptation and resilience, and by providing efficient access to some of the very best information and resources that are available.

The Resource Guide is not an exhaustive compilation of available information—a near-impossible task given the growing volume of international studies, reports, websites, books and blogs on the topic of climate resilience. Still, this document reflects an intensive effort by the CLA team, including dozens of phone consultations with leading experts and practitioners and a great deal of web-based research, to identify, compile, vet and synthesize useful information on innovative policies, programs and practices being deployed throughout the country.

The Resource Guide includes:

-Case Studies that discuss how various local government practitioners have made progress on climate adaptation planning, including risk assessment, integration of climate concerns in planning, getting and keeping commitment to adaptation, and cross-jurisdictional collaboration.

-Resource lists by topic that direct practitioners toward the topic-specific sources of information—studies, reports, articles, and websites—that we believe are most likely to help them improve, expand and accelerate their adaptation and resilience efforts.

Finally, this Resource Guide is and will continue to be a work in progress. While the CLA team produced it initially for those practitioners who were attending the first Climate Leadership Academy on Adaptation and Resilience, the team intends to update and expand it on a regular basis, and make it available to local practitioners everywhere.

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Climate Leadership Academy on Adaptation and Resilience

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Center for Clean Air Policy

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