Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Notes To The World Series

by Joseph Bernard

This series is about you and all of us and I have a request. I would appreciate your help. If you like or get value from what I write please share my posts with others you think will benefit from the ideas and insights. It is my hope that these Notes To The World will actually be read by people all over the world. The more readers asking questions, starting to awaken, becoming more aware, are moving towards insights and actions, the better. Your feedback and questions would also be helpful.

Today I wanted in this first N2W post is to put things as simple as possible. It is my hope to supercharge you to be you as fully and completely as possible. My intention is to empower you to become a person who feels good about self and others and who can make a real difference in his or her community, state, nation or across the planet. With your highest expression in mind here is the first and most important consideration to be mindful of: You and I shape all of our experience by what lenses we look through. If we look through the lens of criticism, finding fault and judging, we are guaranteed to find lots of things that are wrong. If we look through the lens of appreciation, of compassion and a desire to understand, we will see much to appreciate and we will be wise with understand.

Make it your intention each day to see the goodness and beauty in everyone including you, to have compassion for their struggles and yours, and celebrate the success and joys of life with as many as you can. Be willing to be genuine in who you are with an optimistic flair. Let yourself appreciate you and each moment throughout your day. Please watch your thoughts and put to rest the nagging inner critic because it only causes you to be less happy.

Looking at the world through a positive perspective will let you see what can be done to make it better and what part you can uniquely play that will create even greater results. A thoughtful, in touch person, seeing what is working and what is possible can be a powerful agent for consciousness and peace.

Peace is my passion, what is yours?

by Joseph Bernard