Friday, November 19, 2010

Cities and Biodiversity Case Studies

Full Case Study Series (EN) (High Res - 13MB) (Low Res - 3MB)
Full Case Study Series (FR) (High Res - 13MB) (Low Res - 3MB)

Individual Sections

Setting the Context (EN) (FR)

City of Calgary (EN) (FR) - Creating a Biodiversity Strategy Based on Past Experiences

Dehcho First Nations (EN) (FR) - Local Native Community Works to Protect National Treasure

City of Edmonton (EN) (FR) - Mainstreaming Biodiversity through Urban Design and Community Engagement

City of Greater Sudbury (EN) (FR) - Steady Approach to Biodiversity Recovery

City of Guelph (EN) (FR) - Planning Canada’s First Pollination Park

City of Kelowna (EN) (FR) - Protecting Sensitive Ecosystems and Habitats

City of Montréal (EN) (FR) - Biodiversity as a Key Function of the Municipality

City of Toronto (EN) (FR) - Community Driven Urban Biodiversity Protection

City of Trois-Rivières (EN) (FR) - Integration of Biodiversity with Urban Development

City of Winnipeg (EN) (FR) - An Urban Forest: Valuable to both Ecosystem and Community

Town of Wolfville (EN) (FR) - Transforming a Town into a Community Arboretum