Wednesday, November 24, 2010

DESIGNING a world that works for all

Designing a World That Works for All

Global Solutions Lab and supported by the UN

DESIGNING a world that works for all

How the Youth of the World are Creating Real-World Solutions for the UN Millenium Development Goals and Beyond

“This book documents the explorations of many young people as they sought to understand our world and to figure out and design ways of making it work better for everyone. What is missing from the individual chapters or strategies are the interactions and resulting synergies of these parts as they combine into a whole that is exciting in its possibilities.

These strategies for transforming the world are suffused with a sense of values and vision that is bold, inclusive and caring— and which is for the entire world, not just a part of it. In some cases, the strategies are revolutionary and transformative, in others, “merely” dealing with critical problems. Taken together, all the strategies add up to a synergetic whole that is revolutionary, transformative and regenerative.
The whole, the parts and the interactions of the parts, creates a world where the most egregious forms of brutal poverty are eliminated, hunger and malnutrition eradicated, health, longevity and the quality of life are improved and the environment is allowed to regenerate. Where, in short, basic human needs are met, basic human rights fulfilled, and our environmental life-support systems are strengthened.

The global and local strategies described in this book help illustrate the creativity, values, vision, and commitment of the youth and concerned citizens of the world. They also represent what an interdisciplinary, multigenerational group of non-experts can do when provided an opportunity and methodology for tackling the critical and complex problems facing the world.

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