Friday, November 19, 2010

Changing Climate, Changing Communities: Guide and Workbook for Municipal Climate Adaptation

Changing Climate, Changing Communities can be accessed below as either the full versions or as individual chapters.

Full Guide
Full Workbook
Full Annexes

Main Guide
The main guide outlines the five milestones for climate adaptation and outlines how to implement each one. The guide can be used on its own or in coordination with the workbook and annexes which provide additional tools to assist in moving through the Milestone process.

Guide: Cover, Table of Contents, and Preface
Guide: About this Guide and A Climate Change Primer
Guide: Milesone One
Guide: Milesone Two
Guide: Milesone Three
Guide: Milestone Four
Guide: Milestone Five
Guide: Final Thoughts

The worksheets are an optional component of the guide that are meant to assist communities who would like additional resources at particular stages of the planning process. Note: Though the main Guide can stand alone and be used without the workbooks, in order to complete the worksheets the guide must be used and will likely require repeated referencing.

Workbook: Worksheet 1 - Stakeholder Identification
Workbook: Worksheet 2 - Building an Adaptation Team
Workbook: Worksheet 3 - Taking a First Look
Workbook: Worksheet 4 - Using Issue Briefs
Workbook: Worksheet 5 - Sample Council Resolution
Workbook: Worksheet 6a - Recording Climatic Changes
Workbook: Worksheet 6b - Refining Impact Statements and Service Areas
Workbook: Worksheet 7 - Conducting a Vulnerability Assessment
Workbook: Worksheet 8 - Conducting a Risk Assessment
Workbook: Worksheet 9 - Establishing a Vision and Setting Goals & Objectives
Workbook: Worksheet 10 - Identifying Adaptation Options
Workbook: Worksheet 11 - Identifying Dirvers and Constraints
Workbook: Worksheet 12 - Using Indicators and Creating a Baseline
Workbook: Worksheet 13 - Drafting an Adaptation Plan
Workbook: Worksheet 14 - Press Release Template
Workbook: Worksheet 15 - Using and Allocating Implementation Tools
Workbook: Worksheet 16 - Updating your Adaptation Plan
Workbook: Worksheet 17 - Communicating Accomplishments

Information Annexes
The third component of the Guide are the information annexes which supplement the main guide and include information on regional climatic changes, driveres & constraints, and a synthesis of other resources, organized by topic, that can assist communities in planning for climate change.

Annex One - Resource Checklists

Annex Two - Regional Climatic Changes

Annex Three - Drivers and Constraints

Annex Four - Tips for Facilitators