Saturday, November 6, 2010

Changing the World

by Casey Kochmer

The global society continues down a negative spiral.

It feels overwhelmingly disastrous as a destination. Lets face it many people are wanting to leap off this crazy out of control industrial train.

How do we change this? Not by changing the world but by accepting and living our own life kindly now.

Does one person's actions change the full world? Yes your own actions changes your own world fully and completely.

You see the mistake is to think you are on the train heading full tilt into disaster.

Once living a life in projection (any projection) you assist and aid that projection into staying real.

OK I wrote this this morning since I felt depressed: Like any other kind man: I am tired at seeing the news, the pettiness, the human cruelty, the negative ways so many people live and for 10 minutes I allowed myself to feel the doom of our culture and, I simply wanted to walk away.

Then I took a deep breath in, open my eyes, saw past the news and projections: I saw transformation and life.

I will live my life in kindness and continue to let my kindness define a wonderful world.

I don't know where everything will be tomorrow. I know I have touched and helped hundreds of people, I know I live well and in kindness. My world is already heavenly and expanding.
You see the choice isn't about how to save the world.

The choice is how to LIVE IN THE WORLD.

I do so in kindness and that is it...
Each day I improve, each day I simplify and enjoy ever more my life. The guiding principles are kindness, compassion and grace. Once you have that down, you can't help but experience a positive cycle of living life.

If I repeat this message it's only because, people don't believe it can be this simple.

It is.