Sunday, May 2, 2010

Learning for Life and Work Resources

To Be Me

A Personal Development and Mutual Understanding Thematic Unit

This thematic unit for Key Stage 1 pupils with severe learning difficulties aims to provide teachers with support in beginning the planning, teaching and assessing of PDMU within the curriculum.
Taking Part
Fit for LifePDF, 5.5 MB
Where in the World
Feast for the SensesPDF, 6.3 MB

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What's Out There

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Who's Who
Let's Get MovingPDF, 5.5 MB
Who's Who
Let's Get TogetherPDF, 4.6 MB
Who's Who
straight from the HeartPDF, 6.3 MB

A Learning for Life and Work Thematic Unit

This resource for children with Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD), gives them an opportunity to explore some of the issues and challenges that will face them as independent adults.
Our Life TimePDF, 8.95 MB