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Learn as You Go

Why Life's Best Lessons Are Outside the Classroom

Our schools aren’t giving us the tools we need to face the unprecedented demands of our time. Here’s how we can learn the skills to take on environmental and economic challenges, build resilient communities, and create good lives for ourselves and our loved ones. 

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Editor’s Introduction
Reinvent Yourself, Reinvent the World.

:: Quote Page: Mark Twain

51 Theme Guide: Gatto
Take Back Your Education
Tests and grades don’t really matter, says John Taylor Gatto. Experiences do.

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Higher Education
The 12 capacities of highly educated people.
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Grace Boggs: Teaching Freedom
At 16, Julia Putnam met the mentors who would teach her to turn her love of Detroit into action.

51 Theme Guide: Fireside
Life's Best Lessons Are Outside the Classroom
Kids who get involved in their communities do better on tests—and in the real world.
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The Power of "Why?"
The youth of Hampton, Virginia, have an official role in city government: Ask hard questions.

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Trade Your Job
Old-style apprenticeships prepare workers of all ages for jobs in the green economy.
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Healing Power of Prison Poetry
Young inmates gain respect and dignity by expressing themselves through poetry.
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Grounded Learning
Why educator Ron Miller is turning to soil, water, sunshine, and greens.
:: Madhu Prakash on Bringing Education Back to the Ground

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Parker J. Palmer
When you show up to work with your values intact, you can be a powerful force for change.
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Just the Facts: How do You "Know"?
Find out which way of knowing best describes you, and see what you can learn.
51 Theme Guide: Melia
5 Best Ways to Reschool on the Interweb
Melia Dicker share her favorite online resources to educate you from the comfort of your couch.

TOC image: Radical Acts of Education

13 Acts of Radical Education
1. Roadtrip Nation Visits YES!

2. Free School Kids Take Charge
3. Santa Fe Tells Its Stories
4. Teens Listen to 90-Somethings
5. Melia Reschools Herself
6. Draft Horses Teach at College
7. Youths Face the Holocaust

8. Citizen Scientists Listen to Flowers
9. Volunteers Teach Healing Arts
10. Activists Dream a New Future
11. Seniors Find More to Learn
12. Udaipur Hands Down Skills

13. Parents Learn to Listen
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Fall 09 Online
Videos, photo essays, music, and more around the education issue.
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Discussion Guide
Conversation starters and article summaries for the education issue.
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Resource Guide
Reschool yourself with these organizations, initiatives, and a library about education.
Learn as You Go