Sunday, May 2, 2010

Exploring together: a global dimension to the secondary curriculum

A set of leaflets exploring the global dimension to all secondary subjects.
Exploring together - cover image The education charity DEA has produced a set of leaflets which explore the global dimension to each secondary National Curriculum subject.
The pack, called Exploring together: a global dimension to the secondary curriculum, provides starting points for exploring what the global dimension means for particular subjects and can also be used for cross-curriculum planning. One copy of the Exploring together pack is being sent to all secondary schools in England during May 2009.
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If you would like additional copies, please download them as PDF files from the links below.
There are many local organisations, including Development Education Centres, that can support you with work on the global dimension. Find out more >>
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Exploring together - whole pack

Download all leaflets together as one PDF (1.3 MB), plus folder PDF (128 KB).