Sunday, May 2, 2010

Education for Employability (MLD)

Pupils with moderate learning difficulties will usually have cognitive ability and/or attainment levels at or below the second percentile, that is, significantly below expected levels in most areas of the curriculum, despite appropriate interventions. Their needs will not be able to be met by normal differentiation and the flexibilities of the Northern Ireland Curriculum. They are usually in receipt of additional Board funded provision.

Pupils with MLD have much greater difficulty than their peers in acquiring basic literacy and numeracy skills and in understanding concepts. They may also have associated speech and language delay, low self-esteem, low levels of concentration and under-developed social skills.

Moderate Learning Difficulties (MLD)

Thematic Units

The following resources contain guidance and a variety of interactive activities to help pupils explore issues that will help them meet the challenges of independent adult life.

A Resource for Key Stage 4

IntroductionPDF, 701 KB
Unit 1 - About Me and My WorkPDF, 3.26 MB
Unit 2 - Opportunities PDF, 1.67 MB
Unit 3 - Self-Employment and Social ResponsibilityPDF, 1.43 MB
Unit 4 - Transition - Preparation for Post-16PDF, 5.90 MB
Education for Employability (MLD) KS4 / Irish MediumPDF, 8.8 MB

A Resource for Key Stage 3

IntroductionPDF, 1.02 MB
Unit 1 - Self-AwarenessPDF, 3.4 MB
Unit 2 - Identifying and Investigating JobsPDF, 2.59 MB
Unit 3 - Why Work?PDF, 1.95 MB
Unit 4 - The Good EmployeePDF, 3.53 MB
Unit 5 - Decision MakingPDF, 1.20 MB
Unit 6 - Lifelong LearningPDF, 1.37 MB
Unit 7 - Environmental ConsiderationsPDF, 323 KB
Unit 8 - Local and Global SettingsPDF, 369 KB
Unit 9 - Enterprise and EntrepreneurshipPDF, 2.18 MB