Friday, May 15, 2009

The Sustainability Project

Transport in Developing Countries and Climate Policy
Wuppertal Paper with solutions for the Copenhagen Climate Conference

The further rapid motorisation of countries in Asia and Latin America could counteract any realised climate efforts. The Wuppertal Paper no. 179, produced by Daniel Bongard, Frederic Rudolph and Wolfgang Sterk, demonstrates how important it is that transport relevant decisions and measures have to be taken in the developing countries today and that the climate negotiations for the Post-Kyoto-Phase are offering a favorable opportunity. The paper assesses The substance of current climate negotiations against the fit to sustainable transport and concludes that the transport sector's importance should be highlighted within climate protection. Basing on this demand, the authors make different concrete proposals.

The English paper can be downloaded under the following link:

The Sustainability Project
A 12 book series facing up to the challenges posed by the future

Are we using the Earth's resources wisely? Is our natural environment in danger? What do we have to do to secure our future on planet Earth? The Sustainability Project presents twelve books facing up to the challenges posed by globalisation, offering practical solutions for the 21st century. They have recently been pusblished in English by the London publisher Publishing Haus. Systematically connected to each other, every book focuses on its own special topic and as a whole describes the Earth's system from different perspectives. Renowned scientists were commissioned to highlight the most important aspects and relations concerning the topic sustainability. The books relate the process of change in the biosphere to the activities of humans and formulate individual options for action. The Wuppertal Institute didactically finished the book series in form of six learning modules to be used as scientifically funded learning material for long-term educational programs. The translation of the learning modules into English is being prepared.

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Results of an international conference of the CSCP on sustainable consumption and production

More than 90 representatives from civil society organisations (CSOs), research and policy institutions met from 16-18 March 2009 in Wuppertal for the international conference "Dialogue and Action for Sustainable Consumption and Production", organised by the UNEP/Wuppertal Institute Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production (CSCP). Focus was lying on giving support to CSOs by highlighting different options for actions to drive a more sustainable consumer behaviour and to influence policy processes, as well as to strengthen their influence by cooperating with research institutions. For more information please refer to the following link:

The Great Transformation
International conference on cultural aspects of climate change

At the international conference "The Great Transformation - Climate Change as Cultural Change", taking place in Essen from 8 to 10 June 2009, leading experts from science, policy and economy will deal with the cultural aspects of climate change. Amongst them Klaus Töpfer, the former executive director of the UN Environment Programme. The registration deadline is 15 May 2009. On the occasion of the conference, Stiftung Mercator will present the new book "The Politics of Climate Change" on 10 June 2009. Its author Lord Anthony Giddens, the former director of the London School of Economics, will attend together with Hermann E. Ott who will comment the book.

For the program and registration please refer to the following link: