Thursday, May 21, 2009

Education for Life

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Preparing Children to Meet the Challenges

by J. Donald Walters

Table of Contents

When education is not so much about academics and competition, but character growth, spiritual growth, service, and cooperation, you see some pretty amazing kids as a result.



Chapter 1: Success Is Achieving What One REALLY Wants

Chapter 2: Education Should Be Experiential, Not Merely Theoretical

Chapter 3: Reason Must Be Balanced by Feeling

Chapter 4: How Progressive, Really, Is “Progressive”?

Chapter 5: Every Child’s Real Self

Chapter 6: Punishment and Reward

Chapter 7: To What End?

Chapter 8: Humanizing the Process

Chapter 9: The Importance, to Understanding, of Experience

Chapter 10: True Education Is Self-Education

Chapter 11: Progressive Development

Chapter 12: Every Child an Einstein?

Chapter 13: The Case against Atheism

Chapter 14: The Tools of Maturity

Chapter 15: The Stages of Maturity

Chapter 16: The Foundation Years

Chapter 17: The Feeling Years

Chapter 18: The Willful Years

Chapter 19: The Thoughtful Years

Chapter 20: The Curriculum

Chapter 21: Ananda Schools

Chapter 22: Making It Happen


We encourage each child, as appropriate, to strive for academic excellence.

We seek to nurture and equip each child with the tools of maturity that every human needs to learn and grow: strength of will, compassion and respect for others, knowledge and reason, idealism, and a sensitive appreciation for the indwelling Spirit that unites all life.

Education for Life acknowledges that only by learning to expand our sympathies to include the realities of others with one's own, can a child, of any age, hope to find a measure of fulfillment and happiness in this school of life.

Living Wisdom School has created a Spirit-centered learning environment expressing universal values with an emphasis on respect for all religions and spiritual traditions. The seeds of Living Wisdom School's approach to spirituality have sprouted from the soil of yoga and meditation, with its emphasis on personal growth, proven holistic techniques for body, mind, and spirit, and universality of understanding and application.

Living Wisdom Schools emphasize practical, not only theoretical, realities. Its studies are experiential, not dogmatic. The unitive teachings of the great religions of the world are studied not eclectically but empirically with emphasis on the experiences of true saints and ones in all religions, as well as from the point of view of the impact of spiritual experience on daily life.

See the Education For Life curriculum.

The landmark book, Education for Life, by J. Donald Walters, describes the precepts and techniques of education used for over thirty years in the Living Wisdom Schools of California (Palo Alto and Nevada City), Oregon, and now, in Washington.