Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Green Wedding Guide

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Monday, May 11 / 6:30PM

So, You Wanna Throw a Green Wedding?

Weddings are as diverse as the couples who excitedly plan them, but they share at least one thing in common—they can all be made green. That's right. We can write all we want that the greenest wedding is the smallest wedding but the truth is you're going to have the kind of wedding you want, and why shouldn't you? Like most things green, the thing to do is to make smart, less carbon intensive choices along the way. + READ MORE

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Saturday, May 9 / 4:30PM

How to Go Green: Weddings

Weddings are expensive, both in dollars and green impact. Going green for your wedding doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your big day, though. + READ MORE

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Saturday, May 9 / 12:00PM

How to Go Green: Wedding Engagement

The average couple is engaged for 15 months, which means over a year of parties, planning, and wedding preparation. Here's how to have a green wedding engagement. + READ MORE

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Saturday, May 9 / 9:00AM

How to Order (or Bake) a Greener Wedding Cake

How green is the average wedding cake? If you've cut into a traditional multi-tiered confection, or a novelty handbag cake, then you know what's holding it together. Hint: the answer isn't chocolate ganache. It's plastic tubes, metal wires, plastic disks, and other surprises without which the delicate structure would probably fall apart. + READ MORE

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Friday, May 8 / 4:00PM

View and Vote: Green Wedding Dresses

Whether you're getting married or, like me, you just love gorgeous gowns, here's your chance to vote on your favorite eco-friendly designer wedding gowns. + READ MORE

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Friday, May 8 / 11:00AM

How Green is Your Wedding?

Do you know the greenest ways to celebrate—without harming the environment? + READ MORE