Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sustainable Future for a Small Planet

Sustainable Futures for a Small Planet

Social 20

This high school social studies unit makes connections between how we live, the global economy and the natural world. Designed initially to engage students in Alberta Social Studies 10/20 (Quality of Life, Alternative Futures), these 20 innovative activities have many applications for other provinces. Learn more.

Social Studies 20

A remarkable way to engage Alberta Social Studies 20 students, GreenLearning's Sustainable Futures for a Small Planet:

  • Covers Social Studies 20 Topic B: Themes III) Quality of Life; and IV) Alternative Futures
  • Delves into perspectives on measuring quality of life, consumerism, ecological sustainability and energy efficiency in an interesting and engaging way.
  • Investigates topical Alberta issues of energy use and depletion, climate change and alternative energy futures.
  • Uses creative and fun activities such as a UN simulation to bring issues into students' lives.

Twenty activities — both online and printable — together with section quizzes and answer keys make this a comprehensive unit of study. Unit materials include a unit test, curriculum correlations and unit planning tools to make it teacher-friendly! GreenLearning's new program is also a springboard to environmental citizenship. Environmental concepts are integrated into the learning materials using real world energy, climate change and renewable energy examples.