Thursday, March 12, 2009

Real World Ecosystem Education

GreenLearning's Science 7: Real World Ecosystems is an exciting, engaging resource developed by experienced educators to cover Alberta's Grade 7 Science curriculum (Unit A: Interactions and Ecosystems) in four sections:

A. Ecosystems Basics: Life's Like That
B. Cycles and Interactions: No By-standers
C. Balance and Change in Ecosystems: Walking the Line
D. Monitoring, Decision-Making and Change: The Courage to Stand

Science 7

Science 7 meets Alberta Learning requirements and at the same time teaches key environmental concepts using relevant Alberta examples.

GreenLearning uses a mixture of online and downloadable activities to cover Specific Learning Expectations while supporting a diversity of teaching and learning styles.

Science 7 Activity

More than twenty activities, together with teacher materials, student materials and assessment tools combine online learning with hands-on classroom activities in a fresh new approach to Science 7.

Teacher support materials such as section quizzes, unit quizzes, unit planning tools and curriculum correlations help teachers with planning and evaluation.

Real World Ecosystems: Science 7Science7

This interactive online science resource on Alberta's ecosystems covers the province's Grade 7 Science curriculum (Unit A: Interactions and Ecosystems). With 20 activities, Real World Ecosystems teaches key environmental concepts with examples from Alberta. Learn more.