Friday, March 20, 2009

Start This Day To Create A Better World

Guidance from Eileen Caddy

Start this day to create a better world around you by all that you do, say and think and really enjoy it all to the full. Life is there to be enjoyed and every day should be full to overflowing with all the good things in life. Expect the best and accept only the best. You have been told this many times, and yet many of you are still content to accept second best either because you feel you are unworthy to receive the best or you are just too lazy to raise your consciousness until you visualise the very best and then hold the very best in your consciousness until it manifests in form. This is where you have to put into practice that lesson of patience, persistence and perseverance and see it work out.

20 March 2009

Your Positive Attitude is Vitally Important

My Beloveds, the secret of making something work in your lives is first of all the deep desire to make it work, then the faith and belief that it can work and then to hold that clear, definite vision in your consciousness and see it working out step by step, without one thought of doubt or disbelief. Your positive attitude is vitally important to anything you undertake in life. When you are determined to do something wholeheartedly, perfectly and to do it with love, the results are bound to be wonderful.

27 February 2009

All Is Very Very Well

Always let perfection be your aim. It is doubts and fears and worries that prevent you from establishing this wholeness. So cease your worrying, banish all fears and doubts and walk with your head held high and a song of love and gratitude in your heart with the knowledge that all is very, very well, that I AM with you always and with me all things are possible.

Without faith and confidence you will get nowhere, but with faith and confidence you can go anywhere and do anything. Hold this ever in your consciousness and put it into practice, prove it to yourself until your faith and confidence is so strong and unshakable that nothing and no one can possibly undermine it. But remember: always let your faith and confidence be in Me. Walk hand and hand with Me, consult Me at all times and let Me guide and direct you. When your security is in Me all is indeed very well.

20 February 2009

Let Your Whole Life Be A Revelation

Cease trying to work out everything with your minds - it will get you nowhere. Live by intuition and inspiration and let your whole life be a revelation. When you live in this way more and more of the new will be revealed to you, for the new does not come through the mind, but by inspiration and through intuition. That is why it is not necessary to be intellectually clever to live an inspired spiritual life. It needs a dedicated life, a life fully surrendered to Me and to My work, a soul who is willing to do it with joy and a grateful heart. Are you willing to live in that way?

Are You Willing to Live In That Way?

13 February 2009

Live On The Tips Of Your Toes

The now is the most wonderful and exciting time you have ever known so do not miss a second of it. Live on the tips of your toes, ready for anything to happen at any moment. When you live in this way you are ready and open for anything that may take place. Changes will come and they will come very quickly; wonderful, glorious changes. Lift up your hearts in deep gratitude as they come along one by one, and always see the best in every change that takes place. Never try to hold on to anything or anyone. Possess nothing then all will be yours.

6 February 2009

See Today As MY Day

My beloveds, it is up to you to make today the most wonderful day you have ever lived, by your right attitude, by your positive thought. See today as My day, a day fully blessed by Me and see it all unfold for you in true perfection, with never a thought of disappointment to mar it. Why should you be disappointed at anything today may bring? Remember that you are in full control of it. You are master of the situation, therefore it is up to you how it unfolds. If you are faced with a problem, know that there is an answer to it and never allow the problem to get you down. See it as a stepping stone, see it as a challenge and the solution will reveal itself- and never, never allow the problem to control you.

30 January 2009

You Must Have Vision

How can you hope to discover the new without the spirit of adventure, without being willing to step fearlessly into the unknown? Where is that pioneering spirit? How can you expect to pioneer something without taking risks, without rock-like faith and belief in what you are doing? You must have vision. No matter how fantastic or seemingly unreal and unattainable that vision may be in the eyes of man, you must have it if you are to step into the new and achieve the seemingly impossible.

Never be satisfied to swim round and round in that little pool, safe and secure. Be willing to swim out into the great wide ocean and see what that has to show you. There is always something new and something different to see and to learn that will expand your understanding and wisdom. Great wisdom and understanding is needed in the New; it is impossible to grow and expand without it.

Do not try and take these great strides into the New on your own. Let us do it together with real joy and expectation. Let there be no hanging back, waiting for someone else to make the move. When you know what you have to do, do it without hesitation, without fear and trepidation. I AM with you always.

23 January 2009

Live On The Brink of Something Completely New

My beloveds, stop being small minded. Move out of your little puddle and expand your consciousness, realising that there is no limitation. Take the whole world on your hearts, the whole universe and out into all eternity.

So many of you can see no further than yourselves or the group or community that you are living in. You get so tied up by small petty things, that you have difficulty in expanding in any way. This is where tremendous changes have to come and come quickly. Do not be satisfied to accept just what you can understand but be willing to go further and to step right out of your depth and do the seemingly impossible. In this way your capacity is stretched. Let it be stretched further and further until you feel it is going to snap and then let it stretch even further. Live on the brink of something completely new. Be not afraid of the new and the unknown but simply take one step at a time in absolute faith and confidence, knowing that every step will lead you to the wonderful new heaven and new earth.

I AM with you always. No harm can befall you when your complete faith and trust is in Me.

16 January 2009

Banish All Negative Thoughts

Your positive, creative, loving thoughts hold a tremendous power, far greater than you realise, for thoughts are power. Therefore banish all negative thoughts and start doing it now. When you feel a negative thought about anyone or anything begin to take form in your minds, try there and then, before it can gain any strength, to look for the positive and replace the negative with the positive.

Love and goodwill stimulates and builds up, hatred breaks down. Let love transform and transmute. Love is the greatest power in the universe. I AM Love.

9 January 2009