Friday, March 20, 2009

Cultivate Positive Money Beliefs By Busting 10 Myths

by Evelyn

Positive money beliefs are much more empowering than negative ones. The sad thing is that when most of us think about money, we do not have positive thoughts about it. As much as we would like to be some enlightened Being who have transcended above all material attachments, we cannot not deal with the practical aspects of existence in the third dimensional world.

Let’s get real!! We still need to pay for our bills, feed our kids and ensure that we have the means to have a computer, right? For those who are bloggers in the personal development field, we can all say aye to working long hours on our sites but not seeing any returns for a good many months . Well, my post is a follow up discussion to my article on 101 Negative Money Beliefs some weeks ago. Let us examine the better side to thinking about money today.

The Meaning Of Money

Money, in itself, is neutral. You cannot bring your wealth with you, after you pass away. It is impermanent, like all other material possessions. (In case you are wondering, only spiritual wealth counts towards an evolvement of your soul for all eternity). Rather, it is the meaning that you apply to money that creates its significance.

Principles of Positive Money Beliefs

Having some basic principles of what money really is and represents can help lay the foundation of more empowered thinking. We can also choose to examine the fallacy of some of our thoughts. I hereby select 10 myths from my list of 101 negative money beliefs for discussion:

Positive Money Belief: Money is A Measure of My Positive Thoughts.
Myth to Bust: “Money only comes from hard work”, “There is a limit to how much I can earn”.

What is money? Money is a form of energy exchange. It stores value by our applied meanings. It is a measure of confidence - of how much you believe that having it can be used for your future purposes, of the value that you place on your own goods and services and of how much others are willing to do an exchange with you for. It can therefore be said to be a measure of your positive thoughts on worth.
The more confidence you have about yourself and self-worth, the more money you are likely to make and attract. For the same hour of work, person A makes $10 but person B can make ten times more because the latter is more confident, happy and easily attracts customers. Since anything is possible, there really is no limit to how much you can earn.

Positive Money Belief: Money Can Be Assigned To Good Use.
Myth to Bust: “Money is the Root of all Evils.”

Well, money does not drive you to do crazy things. Rather, you have to understand that it is the attachment or love of money that is the root of all evils. The root “evil” is craving. Craving is the seed of our egos, causing us to fight, compete or even kill, because we are unable to make peace with what we already have.

Positive Money Belief: Money is Loving Energy.
Myth to Bust: “Money is filthy or evil”.

Money is a medium that we can use to express love. It is not the only way. But it can be a useful one. Think about how the buying of gifts make you or someone else happy! Andrea Heas shared more thoughts on Money is Love in her post here.

Positive Money Belief: Poor or Rich People Can Be Just As Evil.
Myth to Bust: “Rich People are Evil”.

I can never understand the myth that rich people are evil. Are they really? Are you saying that poor people cannot be evil? I can only think of the many philanthropists out there (eg. Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, etc) who have given their money for worthy causes. I have got many friends, who by local standards, will be considered rich. Believe me, they are no different. In fact, I found many to be just as kind-hearted, generous and responsible.

There are as many evil people in the rich as there are poor. The amount of material wealth that one has is no indication of his or her values whatsoever. Let us not judge a person prematurely and without reasonable basis.

Positive Money Belief: Money is in Abundance.
Myth to Bust: “Money Does not Grow on Trees”, “Money is In Short Supply”, “It is Hard to Hold On To Money”.

We believe that money is in short supply when we fret over our future, save excessively, refuse to help a friend in need and have no faith that our needs will be well taken care by The Universe/God. Our constant worries over money are essentially thoughts based on scarcity. If we harbor thoughts like “money does not grow on trees”, “money is in short supply”, “it is hard to hold on to money”, we are not aligned to abundance.

If money is a form of energy exchange, the worst we can do is to hoard it. Money has to be allowed to flow freely. Its circulation keeps it growing. At a more macro level, think about the economy. Have nations prospered when each takes on protectionist policies? When money is centered on thoughts of fear, doubts and worry, negativity becomes more pervasive. Don’t forget that what we focus our thoughts on expands.

Positive Money Belief: Money is Spiritual.
Myth to Bust: “Spiritual people are not supposed to be rich” and “I choose to be spiritual than rich”.

You have this money myth if you are thinking that spiritual people should never charge for their services or that it is “evil” for spiritual people to be rich. You find that you are in a difficult position reconciling your thoughts on spirituality and money.

Well, money is a form of energy, just like anything else. It is not the end but a means to an end. Money can be put to good or bad use. It is how you use money that is of far more importance! Hence, by having a positive thought about wealth rather than a negative one, you can create a positive money belief that it is used for its highest good.

If money is part of abundance, then why should spiritual people be less “abundant” than doctors, lawyers and accountants? Let us take doctors as an example. Many became doctors, for instance, because they felt called to be in the healing profession. They go through years of study and at work, spend hours horning their craft. So it is that doctors tend to be generally financially wealthy. It is a “given” that we pay to see a doctor at no-less-than-cheap charges. In fact, few balk at having to foot high consultation fees the greater the reputation of a specialist doctor.

No one denies the good that spiritual people bring to the world. Yet, it is common thinking that spirituality and money “should not” mix. The reality is that spiritual development requires as much study and focus. Spiritual people also need money for their practical living needs. Pastors, for that matter, also have a family to feed.

It is a question of choice in belief. If the Universe/Source is infinite and abundant, then we need to believe that expressing our god-given talents or abilities in alignment to our soul purpose (and through our work) can help us be abundant in the physical world. In this respect, money is spiritual. More about thoughts being spiritual energy is discussed in my previous post on 10 Insights into the Power of Thoughts.


In conclusion, our struggles with money is really how we have been thinking about money. Having a physical existence requires us to deal with the practical aspects of living. Hence, we cannot not have thoughts about money. Since this is so, it is best to choose to have more positive and empowering thoughts about it.

Scarcity and the lack of money are thoughts based on fear. If we intend to reconnect with Source, then we would need to align ourselves in thoughts of love. Money is only a means to an end. Our focus is not about how to acquire more money but how we can serve humanity in the best possible way with it.
Repeated thoughts strengthened by emotion becomes belief. If we can have and feel wonderful every time we think about money, guess what is going to happen to us? We lose the inner sense of resistance towards it. We create the resonance for abundance, including money, in the field of energy around and about us.

Share Your Positive Money Beliefs

Do share your positive money beliefs. Your unique perspective may just help another person shift his thinking. Let us all work towards the conscious creation of abundance!