Thursday, March 12, 2009

Electricity All Around Us: Education

This fun science resource includes 25 online and downloadable activities on basics and safety, currents, electromagnetism, circuits, and electricity use. Designed initially for Alberta Science 5, Electricity All Around Us has science applications in other provinces as well. Learn more.

Designed by experienced educators, GreenLearning's Electricity All Around Us teaches Grade 5 science using an interactive and appealing format designed to engage young learners.

Science 5

Electricity All Around Us covers Alberta's Science 5 topics A & B, with 25 activities in five sections:

A: Electricity Basics & Safety
B: Electrical Currents
C: Electromagnetism
D: Electrical Circuits
E: Electricity We Use

Electricity All Around Us meets Alberta Learning requirements and at the same time teaches key environmental concepts using relevant Alberta examples.

Each section employs a mixture of online and downloadable activities to cover Specific Learning Expectations while supporting a diversity of teaching and learning styles.

Twenty-five activities have been developed with teacher materials, student materials and assessment tools to nicely combine online learning with hands-on classroom activities in a fresh new approach to Science 5.

Teacher support materials such as section quizzes, unit quizzes, unit planning tools and a curriculum correlation help teachers with planning and evaluation.

Build a House Activity
Build a house, an example of an online interactive activity.