Thursday, April 14, 2011

Youth Sourcebook on Sustainable Development

The Youth Sourcebook was written by an international working group to:
  • increase their own awareness of sustainable development issues
  • strengthen global youth cooperation and networks
  • contribute to the implementation of Agenda 21, the global plan of action agreed to at the Earth Summit.
The Youth Sourcebook contains information on youth's concerns with sustainable development issues, case studies of youth action, together with advice on how to organize for action, useful resource lists, and finally aDirectory of international and regional youth organizations. [Please note that we are unable at present to reproduce in full all the tables and inset quotations which appear in the print version of the Youth Sourcebook.]

NOTE: The Youth Sourcebook on Sustainable Development was a project initiated by the IISD in support of the Youth movement at the Earth Summit in Rio in June 1992. International Youth organizations have written in the Sourcebook about their beliefs and concerns for a more sustainable world.
Many of the authors published in this Sourcebook wrote in their second or third language: where possible, this Sourcebook has left their words unedited so that you may hear their voices clearly.
The pages in the Sourcebook reflect the opinions of Youth who participated in this project and do not necessarily reflect the views of all youth or of the publisher.
IISD believes that Youth have an independent voice which should be heard at the tables of decision-makers around the world.

This publication may be cited as Youth Sourcebook on Sustainable Development. Winnipeg: IISD, 1995. Online. Internet. Sections of the Youth Sourcebook online may be cited by the file number, which is identified at the end of the section.
The print version can be ordered from IISD, for $15.00 Cdn.