Friday, April 1, 2011

E-learning tool 'Planning for Community Based Adaptation to Climate Change'

The e-learning tool 'Planning for Community Based Adaptation (CBA) to Climate Change' supports training on community-based climate change adaptation in agriculture. The tool links research-based knowledge on climate change impacts with examples and experiences on CBA drawn from FAO field projects and a range of country-specific case studies. The intended outcoume of the tool is to assist all actors, who face the challenge of initiating and facilitating adaptation processes at community level. 


- Module 1: Climate Change;
- Module 2: Climate change and Food security;
- Module 3: Preparing for Community Based Adaptation;
- Module 4: Implementing Community Based Adaptation.
Modules 1 and 2 can also be used stand alone as introduction to climate change discourse.

Target audience

- development partners;
- agricultural extension staff;
- community based organizations;
- field practitioners.


- Online version of the tool in  English
Inventory of UN Climate Change Learning and Training Materials