Monday, April 4, 2011

Sustainable World Sourcebook - The Essential Guidebook for the Concerned Citizen

The New Essential Guidebook for the Concerned Citizen

The SourceBook gives a broad overview of the critical issues, from global to local to personal, with an emphasis on solutions and actions to take—a “one-stop-shop” for getting engaged and creating the just, sustainable world we envision.

A concise and compelling 100 pages, full color throughout, with an introduction by Paul Hawken. The Resource Directory enables further learning and contribution.

A World of Solutions at Your Fingertips

As a passionate beacon of sustainability, Paul wrote the SourceBook’s inspiring introduction with insights on climate change, solar photovoltaics, and other environmental issues. He said, “This book and the extraordinary experience of the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium are critical tools in humankind’s journey to a world that is conducive to and protective of all life.” – Paul Hawken, best selling author, environmentalist

Comprehensive, concise, and clear, the Sustainable World SourceBook is essential reading for anyone concerned about the fate of humanity. With practical examples of steps we can each take towards a more sustainable lifestyle, this book is not only informative but personally empowering.
— Peter Russell, author The Global Brain and Waking up In Time

Sustainable World Coalition, 2011. Sustainable World Sourcebook - The Essential Guidebook for the Concerned Citizen 
Sustainable World Source Book