Saturday, April 23, 2011

Placemaking as a New Environmentalism

How we connect to and interact with the world outside our home lays the foundation for our Environmentalism.
What kind of places do we want to create? What kind of communities do we want to live in? What kind of world do we hope to see in the future?
These questions are at the heart of environmentalism today, but are seldom posed. Environmentalism can perhaps best accomplish its goals for humans to impact less by leading the conversation on how we can impact more. Read more...
The Power of Place: A New Dimension for Sustainable Development
Placemaking offers a valuable tool communities can use to get back in control of their future and their environment. PPS believes that you can't achieve environmental sustainability without addressing people's inherent needs for a sense of community.
Integrating Land Use and Transportation Planning through Placemaking
Publish Postn - the process of going to a place - can be wonderful if we rethink the idea of transportation itself. We must remember that transportation is the journey, but enhancing the community is always the goal.
Place Capital: The Shared Wealth that Drives Thriving Communities
Investments in Place Capital grow the shared wealth that allow for sustainable communities. The public places we most value, both in our communities and around the world, have this wealth and further attract its preservation and expansion.
UN-HABITAT Adopts First-Ever Resolution on Public Spaces
The resolution urges the development of a policy approach for the international application of Placemaking.