Friday, June 19, 2009

We Are What We Do

Actions to change the world

Here's our list of simple, everyday actions you can do to help change the world (and have fun while you're doing it). It could be doing something for the community like shopping locally, something for the environment like avoiding plastic bags, or something for you, like learning to paint, sing or speak Spanish...

So how does this work? Click on an action to see what it's all about or, if you 're ready to do the do, tick each action you have completed and press the "Done!" button down below. Your actions will be added to the total, there on the top-right. Just like that.

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Action Total Add?
130Add your own action12502
129Speak football13060
128Involve everyone12174
127Recycle your toys14675
126Write a letter12593
125Talk rubbish to your parents12583
124Don't worry if you make a mistake12146
123Don't start a war12372
122Don’t charge your phone overnight12704
121Stop junk mail12288
120Give lots of compliments11935
118Don't sing in the shower11693
117Read with a pal11711
116Find out about your food11203
115Teach your granny to text11360
114Love where you live 10866
113Ask “Why?”10799
112Go to more parties10757
111Love your stuff11309
110Cook a meal from scratch 11393
109Layer up11167
108Be friendly in sign language 11625
107Look closer 11754
106Test your teacher 11584
105Switch things off when you leave the room 12865
104Stand up for something 11296
103Grow something & eat it11176
102Walk your dad11647
101Make someone smile11068
99Know how you fit into the bigger picture13743
98Spread the word14773
97Say thanks21065
96Blow the whistle on workplace bullies13541
95Earn fewer air miles13507
94Make a coffee for someone busier than you15889
93Don't judge someone by the job they do15009
92Bring your kids into work for the day12710
91Take the stairs16689
90Send this to your boss12342
89Ring the IT help desk just to see how they are11537
88Get off one stop early13973
87Play bullshit bingo13244
86Avoid waste16920
85Support small businesses14963
84Smile when you answer the phone15369
83Learn to save a life14922
82'Aspire not to have more, but to be more.'15463
81Challenge your business about its 'lights on at night' policy13362
80Choose your friends wisely15566
79Give up some spare time13833
78Photocopy on both sides16084
77Show empathy16388
76Use one of these email signatures13218
75Be nice to temps15428
74Turn away from your screen and... blink17193
73Leave work on time at least once a week15886
72Lose the plastic cup15925
71Practise mobile manners14831
70Give as you go13947
69Shut down your computer properly19332
68Try a job swap12013
67Share your lunch with someone13985
66Take breaks16591
65Pass this book around13212
64Recycle your printer cartridges15433
63Practise good manners18067
62Make a radio request for the person opposite you11565
61Speak rather than email15297
60Remember people's names17478
59Praise people17453
58Pull the plug on mobile phone chargers16582
57Enjoy a Fairtrade brew15807
56Start a car pool13076
55Use a biro from start to finish15480
54Don't be an ideas killer14519
53Calculate your carbon footprint14139
52Recycle waste paper20458
51Find out where your lunch has come from14125
50Do something for nothing20322
49Learn more, do more16757
48Send us an action13597
47Buy a copy of this book for a friend13449
46Use both sides of every piece of paper18319
45Give your phone number to 5 people in your street13426
44Report dumped rubbish to your council13590
43Grow something with a child14524
42Recycle your specs14596
41Hug someone21625
40Join something17053
39Shop locally19905
38Don't overfill your kettle19470
37Let at least one car in on every journey16308
36Take time to listen19563
35Write to someone who inspired you14969
34Buy fairly traded products18668
33Recycle your books18557
32Do something you think you are unable to do16646
31Turn off the tap whilst you brushing your teeth23373
30Bake something for a friend17599
29Recycle your computer14315
28Seize the moment16363
27Pay more when you buy at charity shops13759
26Give blood15940
25Use a mug not a plastic cup20953
24Put your gum in the bin20841
23Have more meals together19539
22Use your will to good effect15265
21Turn off unnecessary lights25411
20Find out how your money is invested14875
19Learn one good joke17099
18Learn to be friendly in another language17996
17Try watching less TV21749
16Give your change to charity18283
15Register online as an organ donor15260
14 Spend time with someone from a different generation21006
13Recycle your mobile phone15690
12Turn off appliances at the mains18021
11Get fitter, feel better19672
10Turn your thermostat down by 1º18768
09If it says 30mph, do 30mph18743
08Have a bath with someone you love17455
07Plant a tree16070
06Take public transport when you can20714
05Smile and smile back26398
04Learn basic first aid19915
03Fit at least one energy-saving light bulb23115
02Read a story with a child21226
01Decline plastic bags wherever possible.27989