Monday, June 8, 2009

Let Peace Be Your Way

by Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

In President Obama’s inspirational speech in Cairo he mentioned peace numerous times as if he was sharing what is in most of our minds. In these times of uncertainty, peace feels even more important.

Peace begins inside of you and I. If we want a peaceful world we must first begin to find peace within. Here are five reminders of what will help bring peace into you, your life, and around the planet:

1. Attitude is essential – if you have positive mind you will be more peaceful. If you are hopeful, you will be more peaceful. If you are forgiving, you will be more peaceful.

2. Respect for all feelings – if you respect and accept all your emotions, you will feel more peaceful. Feelings are not good or bad, they are just reactions to our thoughts.

3. Listen to your heart – your heart has an endless capacity to love and have compassion. Start by having love and compassion for yourself every day. Let the love in your heart spread caring and kindness out into the world around you.

4. Have supportive self-talk – today make a commitment to shrink your inner critic. Have your inner dialogue be one of support and encouragement. Practice being kind in your words to yourself.

5. Be present – live in the now, leave the past behind and the future for tomorrow. In each moment are infinite possibilities waiting to be realized in you. Seek to enjoy life now and live it with passion and purpose.

Please explore these five ideas until you have them working well inside. The world needs you and I at our peaceful best and we can get there using these five steps.

World Peace begins inside of us and spreads out across the planet. If you can find Inner Peace you will be a much more positive force for peace in the world.

I have put together a very useful guide from over 30 years of research on ways to find your own inner peace.

I want to give this to you because I would love to inspire peace in you as well as on Earth.

Peace and Joy to you,

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.