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Creating Learning Community


About this Book
A Coalition for Self-Learning

Introduction: From Schools to Learning Communities: A Historic Shift

Community Life-long Learning Centers

Pioneers in Community- Based Education

Section I

Schools as Learning Communities
Which Way: Top-Down or Bottom-Up? The Story of Albany Free School

The Community School: Developing the Approach of "Relational Education"

Community Learning Centers: Tomorrow's Schools Today

Experimenting with Futuristic Systems of Learning: A "Snapshot" of St. Paul Open School

A Resource Center for All: Upattinas School and Resource Center

Bayside Children's College

The International University, Japan: A 25-year Experiment in Restructuring University Education

The International University, Japan: A 25-year Experiment in Restructuring University Education

Section II
Beyond Schooling: Learning in the Community
When the School Doors Close: A Midsummer Night's Dream

Homeschool Support Groups and Resource Centers

The Alternative Learning Center: A Dream Come True

Homeschool Learning Clubs: Model Grassroots Learning Organizations

The Tuesday School: A Model Mini-School/Expanded Homeschool Program

Pathfinder Learning Center

North Star School and Homeschool Resource Center

Co-Creating Learning communities in Mexico: Preparing the Ground for Evolutionary Learning Community

How to Maintain an Alternative Library: The Civic Media Center Six Years On

Section III
Learning in the Age of Information: Perspectives on Technology
Haven, A Collaborative Lifelong Cyber-Learning Community

NetSchool of Maine: A Resource Model for Local and Regional Home Education Groups

Some Thoughts on Learning Communities and "Virtual" Realities

The Importance of Computers in Education Does Not Compute

Computer Caution

Section IV
Philosophical Roots
Philosophies of Learning Communities

The Seasons of Education: Shifting Our Cultural Metaphors in Education

Alternatives for Everybody, All the Time

Learning to Become: Creating Evolutionary Learning Community through Evolutionaty Systems Design

The Education Emperor Has No Clothes: Ideas for Nurturing a Culture of Learning

Work, Community, and the Development of Moral Character

Carrying On Despite the Violent Twentieth Century: A Tenacious History of People's Education

Education Can Lead to a Sustainable Society

Possibilities in an Autodidactic Future

Learning Communities, Teaching Communities

Future Learning Environments

Community Design in the Year 2012

Rewiring a Community's Brain for the 21st Century: Aligning the Cosmic Dance

What Is Holistic Education?

Section V
Directory of Resources
Community Learning Centers
Arranged According to Location
In the USA

Arranged According to Category

Models for Self-Learners
Services for Self-Learners
Workshops and Conferences

Funding Foundations

Life-Long Learning (The White Paper)

AllPIE’s Tenth Year: Millennium Musings

The Creating Learning Communities Online Resource Center and Network


New Chapters
New Chapters
A Eudaimonistic Approach to Community Learning Centers

Learning: An Arabic Lesson

An Experiment of Homeschooling in England

An Enterprising Reform - Harnessing Individuality at Its Finest Hours

Drop Out

The Ivory Wiigiwaam: Aboriginals and the Academy

Changing Teachers to Tutors/Mentors/Learning Facilitators

A Simple Approach to Organizing a Learning Co-Op

Educating and Counseling with Nature

Culture and Cultures Key Learning Requirements for the Future

How to Achieve Our Goals

The Continuing Programs

Organizational Learning In A University Based
Collaborative Virtual Laboratory Network in Mexico

Seeking Alternatives in the Education of Our Children
Exciting Opportunities for Reform

Community-Based Lifelong Learning

Knowledge as a Complex Evolutionary System

Shikshantar Andolan

Doing Things - Growing and Living Together

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