Tuesday, June 30, 2009

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The new issue of Our Planet highlights the work that people are doing around the world in building green infrastructure.

Juan Rafael Elvira Quesada, Building the bridge; describes how Mexico will raise global awareness on World Environment Day, 5 June;

HRH Prince El Hassan Bin Talal, Solar Revolution; how a cooperative programme of harnessing solar power from the deserts could power the world cleanly and sustainably and combat climate change;

Fernando Haddad, Learning for life; how the increasing force of environmental education in a remarkable Brazilian initiative;

Anna Lehman, Money can grow on trees; how, with positive incentives to communities and Governments to maintain forests, standing trees could become a new commodity on world markets;

Dipal Chandra Barua, Green light; shows how affordable renewable energy is bringing power and employment to poor rural people;

Li Yan, Low-Carbon China; describes what her country is doing to combat climate change, and calls for urgent action to build a green economy;

Shai Agassi, Driving away oil addiction; how environmental and economic interests are being realigned to make a revolutionary system of electric cars a reality;

Shakira, Doing it for the kids; her projects to help save the poorest and most vulnerable children around the world

together with the usual features on people, awards, useful websites and products.

Each issue of Our Planet concentrates on one specific theme, tying into international conferences (the 10th anniversary of the Basel Convention), meetings (the Commission on Sustainable Development), events (World Environment Day), or dealing with issues of our time (Water or Climate Change).

Our Planet contains articles by leaders of United Nations organizations, national governments, non-governmental organizations, experts, business leaders and opinion formers.

Our Planet reports on international developments and action. It reviews current thinking, suggests solutions, and debates the key issues of environmentally sustainable development.

The contents of this site do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of UNEP, or the editors, nor are they an official record.

From May 1996 every issue of Our Planet has been published, free, on this site. It currently contains: